● MD. Reza-E-Selim, CEO of RES Group, will be leaving for Hajj Pilgrimage on the 25th of August, 2016 ● RES Group announces the inaugral ceremony of its new factory, Zara Non-woven Textile Mills, under Zara Non-woven Textile Mills Limited ● RES Group hosts an Iftaar party at its Head office ● RES Group hosts an Iftaar party at its Web Coats factory

We have been in business since 1992, which provides us the opportunity to review and reflect on the cycles we have encountered and what we have learned about our industry and ourselves. In the past, we focused first on trading, service oriented business and now we have ventured into the manufacturing sector. We have a company with 9 divisions that are supported, rather than managed, by our Private Limited Company called RES GROUP. The magic of this approach has been that all employees can get their arms around the group they are in, and they can see the difference they make. It also puts our clients in direct contact with all of the decision-makers that affect their project.